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This is a wiki which has been put together in order to keep track of a universe for a re-occurring D&D game. I have drawn many inspirations from many places, such as Rollplay: West Marches, Eberron & Greyhawk (among other stock d&d settings) and many other places. I don't claim anything here to be original or good, just fun to play with.

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Catagory Description
Characters(PCs) A place for players to write a bit about your characters
Characters(NPCs) Where to find any NPC characters, from the all powerful to the weak villager
Gods and other

Powerful Entities

Here you can find Gods, Incredibly Powerful Spirits, Elemental Lords, Demon Kings,

Far Outsiders, and anything else that works on the cosmic power scale.

Places Locations, places, kingdoms, towns and more
Events This is a list of historic events and important times

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